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Suspira Wellness was born as a passion project between two women of color and long-time friends. Having recognized through personal and professional experiences that access to wellness for womxn, people of color, and other marginalized communities, has often fallen to the wayside, they wanted to create a platform that would center the needs of these communities and make it easier to connect with inclusive providers.


We believe that everyone should have access to wellness providers across multiple modalities, especially BIPOC womxm and femmes.


Offering many ways of accessing wellness providers who empower your intersectional identities -- cultures, genders and sexualities

Body autonomy

Here at Suspira Wellness we believe people know their bodies best, and what their body needs.

Cultural humility

Making space for many practices, especially indigenous origins, is imperative to improving the health of our communities.

Meet the Team

Iberia Z.

Iberia Zafira has 8+ years of experience in data analytics and design. She is passionate about holistic health practices, health access and community.

Candice C.
Data and Social Media Specialist

Candice Clemente, is a Computer Engineer, Social Media Specialist, and Master Chef. After graduating from college, she became unhealthy from stress but realized she wanted a healthier life with more energy to accomplish her goals. She started a KETO diet, lost 8 kg and enjoys exercise, baking and cooking - her specialty is brownies. Candice’s objective is to have a healthy and fit body while eating all of my favorite foods guilt-free and with the satisfaction of the taste.

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